Let’s Be Prepared!

Welcome to the Emergency Prep Headquarters!

Emergency Prep is the worldwide headquarters of the MEMA4KIDS Disaster-Fighting Team, led by Jake the Mitigation Wizard. (Don’t worry! You’ll learn exactly what “mitigation” means in episode 1.) Now, naturally, Emergency Prep isn’t just any ordinary school. It’s a wondrous place where Jake sometimes makes it rain and thunderstorm in the classroom. Or, Delta the Disaster Dog accidentally freezes all the desks in an unexpected demonstration of icy winter weather. It’s where the rumbling engine of the Preparedness 1 Disaster Mobile—Prep 1 for short—rattles the walls to such a degree that you might think an earthquake is starting.

And it’s where Pearl the Preparedness Pup gathers plans, builds supply kits, and gets ready to go on disaster-seeking adventures with her dad, Delta. Most importantly, Emergency Prep is where Jake, Delta, Pearl, Gusty, Shaky, Icy, Rainey, Twisty and Wildfire Willie share vital safety lessons—all for the sake of becoming better disaster prepared.

C’mon and join our Disaster Fighting Team!

  • Jake the Mitigation Wizard

    Jake is the ever-weather-watching wizard who whisks Delta and Pearl off on adventures so they can learn how to “weather” just about any emergency. Even with his magical powers, crystal ball and purple pointy hat, though, Jake knows that no spell he can cast is better than being ready and having a plan for when disaster strikes. Jake’s middle name, of course, is Mitigation. You’ll find out exactly what that mysterious word means in the very first episode: Meet the Disaster Fighting Team.

  • Delta the Disaster Dog

    Delta is already pretty wise in the ways of disasters, but as he’ll tell you himself, you can always stand to “brush up a bit” on your emergency preparedness skills. Delta is Pearl’s dad, and together they build emergency supply kits, practice home drills, and think through home evacuation plans, just like you can do with your parents. Delta is also in charge of keeping the Disaster Mobile (Prep 1) revved-up and ready for super-duper rapid response.

  • Pearl the Preparedness Pup

    Pearl, as we like to say, is one smart pup. For example, even though her dad is Delta the Disaster Dog, she still has to remind him to practice those home drills. (“Practice makes you perfectly prepared.”) Also, she serves as Chief Recruiting Officer for the MEMA4KIDS Disaster Fighting Team. So, when you’re all schooled up, she’ll make sure you become part of the team. Why, she’ll even get you a DFT badge proving that you’re disaster-ready and can teach others in the ways of Emergency Prep!