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Droughts and wildfires are a hot topic.

Droughts are periods of high temperatures with little or no rainfall which make brush, grass, and trees burn more easily. Severe drought has led to a significant increase in wildfires in the U.S.

A wildfire is an unplanned, unwanted fire burning in a forest, grassland or prairie. Wildfires can damage natural resources, destroy homes, and threaten the safety of residents and first responders.

Wildfires can start from natural causes, such as lightning, but most are caused by humans, either accidentally—from cigarettes, campfires, or outdoor burning—or intentionally.

Steps to prevent wildfires include being careful not to start fires during periods of drought, storing flammable items when not in use, and asking the power company to clear branches from power lines.

🔥Wildfires 101🔥

What are wildfires and how do they start? Learn how we can prevent destructive wildfires.

You can prevent wildfires.

Only you can prevent wildfires, and here’s how!

Check out important safety tips from

Can you solve the river crossing riddle?

As a wildfire rages through the grasslands, three lions and three wildebeest flee for their lives. To escape the inferno, they must cross over to the left bank of a crocodile-infested river. Can you help them figure out how to get across on the one raft available without losing any lives?
Wildfires from space

In 2018, wildfires in California raged across the state. Watch this report from CNN that shows the magnitude of the wildfires.

Wildfires and deadly heat waves around the world

It has been a hot, deadly summer across the Northern Hemisphere, with wildfires, record-high temperatures and heat waves in several countries.

Fire safety at home

Many residential fire deaths and injuries can be prevented by following a few simple safety tips.